CWS Romans - Study Group Sign Up

Please provide your name and contact info below.

Below is a list of the new and current small groups seeking additional members as they participate in the Romans 8 Church Wide Study. Please select any of the small groups below you may be interested in joining. 
Some Groups have limited availability and slots will be filled in order of sign up. Though a particular spot may not be guaranteed, we will ensure each participant finds a group that suits them well. 
Sunday On-Campus | 9:30 am
Sunday On-Campus | 10:45
Sunday On-Campus | 11:00 am
Sunday Off-Campus
Monday On Campus
Monday Off-Campus
Tuesday On-Campus 
Tuesday Off-Campus
Wednesday On-Campus | Morning 
Wednesday On-Campus  | 6:30 pm
Wednesday Off-Campus
Thursday On-Campus
Thursday Off-Campus
Friday On-Campus 
To Be Determined
If you are unsure of what group you would like to sign up for, and would like help being placed in a group, please write a brief description of the kind of group your are looking for. Please including what day and time would accommodate you best.